The working border collie ready to herd your sheep.

Now at Stud


Available for Herding

Arlo is looking for a wife and work.

       Arlo has a wonderful temperament, fantastic work ethic, and desire to please. Experienced sheep herding border collie and

Agility dog.  Janet and Arlo are willing to come help you move your sheep from pasture to pasture. They have worked with, Dave 

Sykes, the shepherd at Fairfield Farm in Lincolnshire, where Arlo and Janet spent a month in 2012 Perfecting their herding skills. In

addition,they travel to the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, and around New England, USA

     He is an amazing dog. Currently he resides, in Southern Vermont.

Arlo at Work - Doing what he does best - Herding

Health Clearances

Link to OFA Page:

OFA: Hips: Good, Shoulder Normal
EYES: CEA, Clear by parentage

American Boarder Collie Association (ABCA)
American Kennel Club (AKC)